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UU Idol: Battle of the Holidays/The Broken Chalice

A holiday pageant presented by the children of The Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair, followed by an interlude, “The Boar’s Head Carol” performed by Artis Wodehouse, and a homily by Rev. Charles Blustein Ortman. Prayer and Meditation led by Rev. Judy Tomlinson.

“UU Idol: Battle of the Holidays”

Written by: Dionne Ford Kurtti
Directed & Produced by: Beth Smith
Associate Directors: Lori Alexander & Dionne Ford Kurtti
Musical Director: Tom Parente
Production Services: Mary Carlin & Ross Minichiello
Stage Crew: Alex Goggin, Kurt Goggin, Connor Loflin, Max Minichiello & Willie Morrow

CAST (in order of appearance):
Ryan Solstice: Jacob Sailer
Yule Tide: Harrison Naftelberg
Holly King: Matthew McGowen
Tonantzin: Fionna Kenon

The Candle Kindlers:
Harry Butterfield, Max Butterfield, Desiree Kurtti, Devany Kurtti & Morgan Lofli

The First Fruits:
Anna Gardner, Lexi Morrow, Kelly Nulty, Coen Zylstra & Elliot Zylstra

The Wise Ones:
Kent Andrews, Noel Andrews, Catherine Chaladoff, Evan Chaladoff, Charlotte Brooks La Blanc, Patrick Lahey, Molly Sailer & Viltis Varnelis

UU Youth Choir
Boner Doemling, Anna Karapin-Springorum, Tori Kennon, Courtney McMorrow, Michael Nulty, Jami Price, Lina Schoenwiesner & Eliana McCann Smith

Katherine Bessey, Abigail Gardener, Hannah Lewis & Andrea Parente

Isy Abraham-Raveson, Spencer Bokat-Lindell, Brendan Dwyer & Ian Dwyer

Henry Khost, Nick Levine and Daniel Parente

Choral Pieces:
“Kindle the Candles Tonight” (Marcus/Schram)
“Light the Kinara for Kwanzaa” (Sally Albrecht)
“A Jubilant Gloria” (Mary Lynn Lightfoot)

Special Thanks to: Brandon Doemling and Brian Jude Piatkowski

Very Special Thanks from Beth: To all the parents and participants for showing up, working with my crazy scheduling and being incredibly wonderful!!!

Listen here:

Please note: All sermons are copyrighted by the author.


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