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Advent: The Dark Days of Winter

A sermon in verse and music by Rev. Charles Blustein Ortman and Dr. Artis Wodehouse.

Music: Introit: In Memory of George Noblemaire; Louise Vierne

Verse: An Introduction to the Season
Music: Chorale No. 2 (1989); David Thomas Roberts

Verse: Toward the Mystery in the Dark
Music: Chorale Prelude (1989); David Thomas Roberts

Verse: Is This the End?
Music: Offertoire: In Memory of Pierre Villey; Louise Vierne

Verse: Shadows in the Dark
Music: Communion: In Memory of Edgar Guilbeau; Louise Vierne


All of the music by Louise Vierne is taken from his final composition, a funeral mass, each movement of which is dedicated to a significant blind person who assisted him in his musical development. Vierne was nearly blind from infancy. David Thomas Roberts is a living American composer who writes mainly ragtime. Artis Wodehouse plays on a European harmonium from 1885 and an American reed organ from 1889.

Listen here:

Video clips of Rev. Charlie Ortman and Dr. Artis Wodehouse delivering this sermon:

“Advent: The Dark Days of Winter” (1 of 3)

Please note: All sermons are copyrighted by the author.


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